Aerie Officers (2017-2018)

Auxiliary Officers (2017-2018)


Jr. Past President - Ralph Scyoc Jr
President - Terry Morgan
Vice President -
Chris Mercurio
Chaplain - Austin Talmon
Secretary - Alan Failor
Treasurer - Tim Hykes
Conductor - Chuck Kash
Inside Guard - Don Codding
Outside Guard - Norm Celznick
Trustee - Russ Kunkler
Trustee -
Cliff Marcellus
Trustee - Rell Carver

Past Madam President - Georgene Chidsey
President - Nancy Swick
Vice President - Sandy DeMoss
Chaplain - Kathy Eckert
Secretary - Regina Stevic
Treasurer - 
Kim Scyoc
Conductress - Linda Springston
Inside Guard - Debbie Donald
Outside Guard - 
Trustee - Carolyn Rising
Trustee - Gwen Becht
Trustee - April Schneider


State Officers

Deputy State President
Ralph Scyoc Jr

Past State President
Len Chidsey

Past State, Zone & District 11 Officers

Past Deputy State President
 Russ Kunkler
Charles Young
Rich Stoker

Past District Chairman
David Rising


District 11 Auxiliary Officers

Past District 11 Officers
Jami Clapp

Past District Leader
Terry Sabo

Past District Chairman
Nettie Emmons
Ida Mary Waters

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